A brand sponsorship will allow you to benefit from a vast, diversified and inclusive international target community at the heart of commodity trading.

Brand equity matters even more in the new digital era. Given the extraordinary context, the leading players of the private sector are strategically repositioning their activities, strengthening their communication and digital skills to be more visible.

Web traffic is soaring and changing habits as well as anticipating the future need to be taken into account. Firms like yours need to adapt their messages to connect: you need to evolve to stay relevant and grow. Let us carry out that mission for you.

Acting as Ampersand World’s branding partner will allow you to boost your digital presence in the commodity trading sector while enhancing your brand in the digital space. It is a unique opportunity to reach our global network of tens of thousands of experienced professionals and our community of 30,000 people.

Create strong ties that go beyond a “Like”, “Follow”, or “Thumbs-up”

We are beginning to offer limited sponsorship opportunities for firms we think would be an excellent fit for our audience. As an influential strategic business partner organising successful networking events for ten years, we care about creating strong ties that go beyond a “Like”, “Follow”, or “Thumbs-up”.

We attach great importance to creating lasting relationships your clients and partners will enjoy and find rewarding long after your brand’s investment. Even in our digital initiatives, we strive to stay human and keep an intimate approach, something that is much appreciated in this period of social distancing.

Influence and connect with the world’s leading players in international trade

Stand out from the crowd in the digital world with our sponsorship solution. With our newsletter, online magazine, digital services including social media and learning, your message and core-values will be specifically and highly targeted, giving you a decisive competitive advantage.

We would love to have your name featured in our media activities and promote your vision and actions. Please bear in mind that more than 30,000 commodity trading leaders are reached out by our popular newsletter every two weeks and that we send over 2,500 emails a week to decision-making people in your target market.

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