For several years now, Ampersand World has been leaving its mark on the world of Commodity Trading, thanks to the extraordinary people who have put their trust in us. During that time, with great passion and real belief, we have developed inside this amazing community to progressively gain a central position.

As Commodity Trading is also led by strong relationships, we are delighted to meet up at our yearly cocktail party – an outstanding conceptual event, attended by key people from this community.

In this world of Commodity Trading, Africa plays a great role, positioned at the crossroads of a huge number of trades. This year, it seemed obvious to create our event as a tribute to this fascinating continent. As a Senior Manager, you should have received your personal invitation: we are part of the same world, this event is for you.

Each time a new place that corresponds to our DNA (warm, original and professional)

A concept-event where TALENT has no limits: together with about 400 people from the world of trading, some great artists will also be present (athletes, artists, dancers etc…)

Enjoy an incredible experience and meet many professionals

Enter the event website here