1-How will the managers of tomorrow be different from those of today?
Company employees’ needs have evolved so much in recent decades. Managers now are a far cry from the number-driven autocrats of old. I think that the managers of tomorrow will have think more like leaders than managers. Employees are demanding more and more freedom with how the organise their schedules, their holidays, their days off, etc. But that’s not all: telecommuting has recently broken through in a big way, which obviously has an impact on the employee-manager relationship. The managers of tomorrow will have to be comfortable with a range of digital solutions that allow remote working, they will have to create a climate of trust and think as much about their teams’ well-being as about the numbers.

2-What main qualities and skills will they have to bring to the table?
Empathy, trust, agility and flexibility.

3-What aspect of management do you think the crisis has fundamentally changed?
Remote management. The era when open space was created to enable prison-guard-style supervision of assembly-line workers at their sewing machines is long gone. Lots about the management of tomorrow will be based on trust and on how well managers motivate their teams.

4-Why is it essential to have a good work/life balance?
The line has become increasingly blurred in recent years, with the rise of smartphones and notifications, the internationalisation of companies, and the resulting nigh-time conference calls with teams in other parts of the world. Without limits and schedules, we could quickly end up spending our lives “in the office” –if we’re not careful, teams could end up burning out.



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